Halal Nail Polish? 

In light of my skepticism last year when I found out there was such thing as a halal nail polish, I was really excited, but mostly suspicious. How could there be a halal nail polish? Most nail polishes when they dry to a solid are water proof and do not breathe to let water thru, as needed for a nail polish to be considered halal!

O2M Inglot Nail Polish. I’ve heard about this nail polish for some time, and it has been officially labeled halal, all the nail polish muslimahs rejoiced! However, I do hate to be the bearer of bad news here but I noticed that the girls on YouTube who were testing these polishes, when the news first came out, were going about it all wrong!

Everyone was mostly testing the polish with only one layer on tissue when the polish was wet.

I have wanted to do a test of my own for a long time and I finally had the time and money to do so, as thise polish does not come cheap! I even found another brand’s nail polish that is not so well-known to do a side by side comparison for curiosity. This one also claims to be nature based, hmm 😏 nice!

In the test I decided to do what most were not doing with the polish; testing multiple layers when the polish is dry! Because when a polish is worn, we wait until its dry to go about our day. During wudu the polish is dry with multiple layers and needs to be tested in those conditions.

The set up:

From top to bottom on each side:
3 layers, 2 layers, and 1 layer of nail polish all dried and ready for testing. Scotch Naturals took the longest to dry at about 2-3 minutes per layer, and O2M at 30 seconds-1 minute a layer.


After they were fully dried I decided to unfold the tissue to see if there were any leaks. Although o2m leaked a ton, it stayed consistently dry everywhere, Scotch Naturals leaked only a bit but stayed tacky/sticky even on the leaked thru areas.

End result:
After 5 minutes the o2m on the left still had water on it, while the water on the right with Scotch Naturals had gone through, so much so that the color leaked a tiny bit onto my desk underneath the tissue. The Scotch will definitely need a top and base coat in my opinion seeing as the color runs.
img_8279 img_8280

Score for Inglot O2M: 2 out of 5, It’s great as a regular nail polish and they have quite a few options in color, however with the obvious false advertising and expense just to make this review, it’s not worth it. Most importantly, this test indicates it is not halal.

Score for Scotch Naturals: 4 out of 5, does what it boasts about on it’s site. It’s paraben and toxin free, and has no scent! I tested this nail polish alongside Inlgot’s for my own curiosity since there is no advertising for it’s breathability like the Inglot polish and I am happy with the results. I only knock off a point because the color seems to run when in contact with water for long periods (** as seen in the videos when it leaked onto my desk**). It will need to be tested with a base and top coat for sure, and though the color options in my opinion are beautiful, are hard to find and limited. As for it being halal? Plausible. Everything needs further testing right?

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