Are you shaving your face?


As of this past week, where ever I look I see articles talking about women shaving their faces. Cool, I don’t judge, but I am a little curious 😉 Heck, I have seen even my older sister do it from time to time, apparently recommended from her laser hair removal ladies when she has a long gap between treatments!

Its a hot topic now, but it is in fact not a new trend but a well kept ancient secret to beauty, apparently even used by Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe themselves. Want even more proof that many women are doing it? Go [here] and read the review section 🙂 Amazon already has been selling facial razors for awhile now, but I think any cheap eyebrow razor will do in my personal opinion, I tried it out recently borrowing my sister’s stick. Ha! It works really well, no cuts or bumps. This is my first time trying something like this, so I need to see how long my results last 😉

You can even get a better shave than you can at home, called dermaplaning, from an esthetician. It’s a very simple and physical method to safely exfoliate more layers of the skin and remove peach fuzz, more so than a simple facial razor.

There are plenty tutorial sites on how to shave facial hair away properly, and old wives tales aside, it’s also not recommended for some people. Some with already prominent thick/coarse black hair growing on the face and neck, even in a few sparse places may want to skip this hair removal method as it will grow back the same as it was before, and the coarse hair will be a little stubbly. Personally speaking, I was worried about this warning myself for my dark hair, but it’s all fairly light and thin so I tried it. Currently at day 2 and I see no problems! If do see a dark hair, I’ll have just tweeze or wax it as always.

It is also not recommended to people with rosacea, or those who naturally have sensitive skin after shaving as skin may become irritated. However, as always, if you want to try any new hair removal method, test it out on a small area before you go all out!

If you would like to know more, watch the video from the lovely Kirbie Johnson at Popsugar!

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