The Importance of Drinking Water

After being sick with a cold for a full week recently, and being stuck with some residual sniffles and a cough, I can vouch for how important it is to drink water! Within that week I noticed not just changes in my health but in my skin! My skin began clearing up on its own, without the help of any skincare products, because at the time I was just washing my face with a cleanser. I also noticed the redness that has been on my face since puberty had disappeared, the oily t-zone as well, leaving my skin feeling healthy and hydrated. And for that week all I was doing was getting rest, drinking on average 6 full glasses of water a day while on antibiotics.

It sounds so simple to drink the required 8 of 8 oz glasses, or half a gallon, of water a day, but it’s not. After all those benefits, and I was able to start working again once I got healthy, I fell back into step with my usual 2 to 3 of full glasses of water a day, plus 1-2 beverages with that. That only brings me to 3 to 4 beverages a day, while the average intake (AI) for women is 9 beverages a day. While I am short by half I am starting to become more conscience about it. It is also important to remember to replenish your body’s water supply not only by consuming liquids, but by eating foods that contain water, like fruits and veggies.

Benefits from hydrataing with water:
-Boosts Metabolism
-Helps you stay full, learning the difference from hunger and thirst is important for health and dieting
-Energizes muscles
-Improves skin hydration
– Flushes toxins and impurities from your system, to help fight off sickness
-Helps Digestive health with proper kidney and colon function

Signs of Dehydration:
-Little or no urine, or urine with a dark color and offensive odor
-dry mouth
-sleepiness or fatigue
-extreme thirst
-headache/ confusion/ dizzy or light headed

Sever Signs:
-no tears when crying
-fever/ rapid heart beat
-poor skin elasticity
-low blood pressure/ coma
-Increased/constant vomiting for 1 day+
-Difficulty breathing/fainting
-chest or abdominal pain

So what are you waiting for? Go drink some water! 🙂

Tips on Staying Hydrated:
-Drink a glass when you wake up
-Sip on water every 30 minutes
-Drink a glass before and after exercise
-A glass before every meal or snack
-Always have a bottle with you
-Eat more fruits and veggies
-Drink by a schedule

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