Radha Rosehip Seed Oil: Product Review

Hi ya’ll!

I have had a whirlwind week, thanks to Labor Day weekend, going to Anime Fest and working with school. So my availability to write posts have been limited, sorry! πŸ˜–

However, I got the chance to get another free product for the purpose of an honest review via Amazon. ☺️

 Like with the vitamin C serum, it came on an extremely hot day, 95 degrees outside I think, and the bottle was actually hot to the touch!

I let it cool inside my room with the fan at full blast and I think that helped as when I opened it there is no chemically smell, HA! 😎 It doesn’t smell like roses but at the least its not offensive. The bottle is all glass and didn’t come with a box so I keep it in the cardboard box it came in next to my bed.

Story Time:
Since I use it before bed, and keep it on a stand next to it, one night I opened it on my bed and spilled quite an amount, which left a nice blob of yellow oil stain on my brand new bed sheets. 😱 My bad! After a few days it’s faded and even I can’t tell the exact place the stain was on…Though it’s faintly there 😰

Aside from the slip up on my part…
The product is actually quite nice. It comes in a big 4oz bottle, very well packaged. It said it helps heal scars so I’ve been using it for just that. After one use I noticed that some acne scars became smaller or lighter, though they haven’t fully disappeared within this week of trial they have healed significantly faster than anything I’ve used before, even some bruising from an accident got lighter. The older acne spots are still here, years old dark ones, but all the recent ones have pretty much gone which is awesome!

The product is very liquidy and is pure oil so be careful because it will stain clothing yellow. The bottle says to use only 2-3 drops for the face and neck but I find that too little for full coverage but just enough for spot treatment. It is also moisturizing but not enough to use it for that purpose, in my opinion.

Score: 4 out 5
*** I received this product to try for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own!***

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