Journal: Losing a Friend to Cancer

Remembering an old friend who passed away exactly 1 year ago tomorrow from undifferentiated carcinoma cancer, which means the source was unable to found and his was wide spread.

The moment before I found out he died I had a dream that I was visiting him at an airport surrounded by people wishing him farewell. Everyone was oddly wearing black (not sure about myself there) in the bright surroundings of the airport. He saw me and scooped me up giving me a hug while swinging me around. “You made it!,’ he exclaimed. He was about to turn away and leave and I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed his sleeve speechless and held onto him in a tight hug. 

He ruffled my hair and said it’ll be okay. (Not sure but I think he pinky swore on that) That it was time to let him go….

When I woke up, it was posted on my friends Facebook that he passed away. He was the second and almost the third person to pass away that I deeply cared about that year with in 3 months, though I’m okay now, losing him hit me hard and I still cry about it. I never got to see him in the 5 years after graduating high school, because I was always busy with something, and he was off traveling the world. It’s truly my one greatest regret that when the rare moments came that he was back in town I never went to see him.


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