INKtober, Goretober, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Hi everyone!
I’m participating in a drawing challenge called INKtober, where artists around the globe put down their digital tools and practice their skills at using and creating ink style art using traditional methods. The best part: the challenge is loose and can be done every day or once a week, as long as you are getting out of your artistic comfort zone and practicing you’re good. 😀

While this month is INKtober, many artists are doing other challenges as well like Goretober, featuring gore, and others featuring art for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I plan on dipping my feet in both of these two things when I can to show my support and explore gore out of my comfort zone, ha.

Day 1 process pictures:   

Day 2 for INKtober, Goretober, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month: