Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer 


Hi Loves~

I have been playing this new game since the day it came out September 25. It is a game meant to let your inner designer run wild like never before in the Animal Crossing games!

Pro: You get to decorate everything from homes in your new town to every shop, restaurant, and more in your town! With each project you open up more products in your design inventory to work with. You can also use play coins to learn new design techniques in game to get a bit more fun and added inventory.

You get to design rooms with sound, ceiling dressings, and the exteriors with gardens and more! You also have full control of how your character looks in the game with the salon chair from skin and face, to everything hair.

Con: You need amiibo cards for extra game play and a reader to go with it. If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend money more than you have to on a game, considering they are already expensive as is. Although a commercial is out saying it’s okay to share the cards, a card reader is still needed to read them.

You are also no longer an ordinary member of the town, so you don’t get a house to decorate for your character to live in. You can’t just go visit your created town either, because it is no physical place! When you design homes, you can put them anywhere, even a new home on the map the same place an older home you designed was. Though this is an awesome part of the game, I wish I had a physical town to visit like in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and not just one person’s home at a time. Also, as a designer in this game you have to wear a uniform, so you can’t change out of that red blazer anytime soon. You can change anything else about your character however.

All you get to do is decorate in this endless designed mini game like format, where you only get to decorate one house per day/game save.

Score: 3.8 out of 5 because while I have freedom like never before in designing, I miss somethings from the original gameplay format.

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