Marketing: How to Sell Yourself

Recently, for about a month, I’ve been trying to research how others market themselves online, from earning a stay at home income to getting traffic to their site. Even freelance work, because who doesn’t love a good side hustle? It’s all been a learning experience and I’m still learning, there is so much information I’ve found it’s been overwhelming to process. I’m still trying to learn how to improve and implement it myself, so I am by no means an expert but just reporting on my observations.

The one thing I’ve found in every bit of research, videos, articles, and even webinars I saw just today, all have in common?

They ask that people find a focus or niche and stick with it.

Awesomely enough this is also something my professors said back when I was doing my student short film in college. They would tell the students that every industry highers more speacialists than generalists and they get paid more for it too. 😉

If you’re going to sell yourself, figure out a maximum of three focuses, in whatever. Be it a skill set, what you yourself will blog about or market yourself on, or offer services to help others with, or products with a theme to sell.

Be direct about these skills and services with an elevator pitch. If you can’t explain what you can offer someone in 2 sentences or less, you need to put more thought into it to be more concise and to the point. This pitch can also be your tag line on your site, business card, shop, or social media.


1) I’m a blogger who loves diy, drawing, and fashion.

2) I’m a professional consultant teaching web and graphic designers marketing techniques.

3) Jane Doe

Blogger|Storyteller|Concept Artist

4) Mystic Shop

Selling unicorn horns, mermaid tails, and spell wands.

All these descriptions are direct and to the point when telling others the skills they have or their selling points. They also use keywords, which is great for SEO (SEO makes it easier for search engines to find you online) and also stay close to the focus of skills or niche.

As my professor said, ” It is better to be a master in a few skills than be semi knowledgeable in a plethora of dabblings.” So stay focused, find your niche and sell yourself on it.

Good luck.

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