Tree to Tub- Review

Early December last year I got to order the Soapberry products from Tree to Tub’s Black Friday promo sale. I’ve now been using the shampoo and body was since then and I like it though I have a few complaints.



Pro: The products are all natural and have no chemicals to my knowledge. They are made from berries that create a soft light and natural lather. It detangles my hair, and I’ve noticed slightly less hair fall from my then favorite Head and Shoulders shampoo. It took some adjusting for my scalp to get used to, but once it did I also noticed less dandruff and a lot less itch to my scalp!

Con: That transition period! I went straight from head and shoulders to this all natural shampoo. My hair went through a “frizzy hair” period probably because I didn’t use a clarifying shampoo before starting this product line… There was also this white small waxy residue left on my hair after shampoo, I found out with some research that its caused by the chemical and waxy build up from non-natural shampoos and the soapberry shampoo was attempting to remove that build up… leaving dandruff like mess in my hair, and my hair is naturally black. After that I would just double poo then condition to make sure my hair was clean.

Body wash

Pro: The body wash is amazing and I keep constantly using too much and running out of the product. I have a seen my skin get softer and less dry from use.

Con: I keep running out of the product! Haha šŸ˜€ I keep it at a 3 month reoccurring subscription since the price is a bit much for me to order monthly. Other than that I love these products. The box I purchase comes with free soapberries to wash your hands with as well. They are seeded, so you can use those seeds to plant or create your own bracelet, I haven’t tried either though.

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