Game Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

Hello Loves~

I am so happy to do a review of Horizon Zero Dawn, this is long over due as I played and finished the game within 2-3 months alongside my sister right after the game came out. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, where the characters in the world live alongside robots and the people hunt them for parts to build weapons. No one really knows where the robots came from but the people of various lands all have their theories, you’ll have to play to find out, and boy is it interesting! 😉

BEWARE: There are a few spoilers below the line.

The game follows Aloy, a girl that was cast out at birth by her village for an undisclosed crime she was never allowed to know. As an outcast, no one was allowed to talk to her from the main village, or be cast out themselves! What a conundrum for our poor Aloy, right? The story revolves around her and her journey to become the reluctant hero.

Pro: The game is an open world with lots of nature taking over the world. The views and scenery are all so great, you’ll want to just sit and stare with Aloy to look at everything. It demonstrates well the decay of our current world being over run by nature potentially centuries later. How life would look like if it survived to regrow itself without any of the current knowledge we have now, in a native state and infrastructure but with dangerous robots to hunt or be hunted by… They did very well to make the story pull and keep the player invested. The game was very well thought out, and I applaud the creators on such a great game!

Oh, and did I mention my favorite artist Lois van Baarle AKA Loish, participated on the team as a Character Concept Artist for Aloy?!! So much awesomeness!! 😀


Con: I did notice that while it is an open world, at your own consequence you can easily run into  a robot beast your’re not ready to fight yet and die instantly. There were also a few glitches where I would get Aloy stuck walking through some old buildings trying to get to a Tall Neck monster and have to lure a watcher robot to…. um you know…. make me start over. From that little lesson I learned to just walk the paths and avoid small holes and not assume or attempt to crawl or walk through unless given the option.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 because I did run into a few game glitches where Aloy got stuck in a wall or a hole in a building and I had to get a robot to put her lights out and let me start the game over…

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