Kid Shows with Adult Concepts 

Hello everyone!

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile but I just couldn’t get the words out. My mind went Bllaauuughhh whenever I thought of a sentence~~ 😛 Anyways, if you haven’t watched any cartoons recently then you might not know that the current cartoon culture is incorporating adult concepts for the viewing pleasure of children, and adults watching with their children, and this is possibly just a small portion of the audience. The biggest audience has to be from teens and young adults, like myself! 😀

I see you animation fans ❤

Adventure Time:

If you haven’t seen Adventure Time you should. It is comical but with serious undertones that only adults watching will catch if they are paying attention. Themes and concepts that run through this show deals with a post apocalyptic land and it’s history, gender fluidity, Alzheimer’s, stocking and harassment, feminism, empathy, middle-aged adult issues, being orphaned and abandoned by a parent, dating and relationships, journey of self discovery, and much more.

Gravity falls:

This show is comical as it is serious. The main characters Mabel and Dipper enter the town of Gravity Falls for the summer and discover many mysteries of the town dealing with magic, science, myth, and lore. This show deals with core relationships of many types, from majority familial to romantic, and friendship, and how everything is built on trust and understanding when building such relationships! This theme makes up the core of the show in my opinion as Dipper and Mabel are fraternal twin siblings that have difficulty at times to get along with one another.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil:

I love this show! I blends the seriousness of some adult themes and concepts with the innocence of being a kids show. It also centers around relationships, but along with more serious themes like war, being able to see both sides as potential equals if they saw past the stereotypical prejudices between Monster and Mewnian(person from the world of Mewni).  This is also the first show that I’ve seen it physically and plainly mentioned someone was out right murdered! Not that the character “is no longer here,” or just plain phasing out any phrasing or mentioning of the words “killed, murdered, dead, passed away,” or any mentioning of actual death! This show mentioned it, this is huge for a children’s show, as the topic is sensitive and the wordage typically taboo.

Steven universe:

This show is also a favorite of mine. It is a very cute show and in the first season it stays pretty much on the light hearted side until its story development goes a bit hard core into some adult concepts. Like Star vs. The Forces of the Evil, this show has a played with the concept of death, but I don’t think they ever truly mentioned it out right until the most recent episode with Lars and Steven on Gemworld, even then I don’t think it was mentioned fully but the concept of passing and death was definitely shown! Since there is a theme of death, there is also a theme of rebirth. There is also a theme of grieving, how to handle loss and move on, or in some cases not move on. It also deals with themes of self love and compassion and how to deal with personal insecurities. There is also the concept of “fusion” where two different gems are not supposed to fuse together, ever. Only the same gem stone is allowed to fuse with its copy. It is a huge taboo to the Gem Homeworld to go against this rule. If you look at it from the perspective of an adult, and I do, it equates to interracial relationships. There is also a huge theme of war and rebellion to gain freedom from a dictarored empire. Oh did I forget to mention gender fluidity, and lesbian relationships? They have this too.


DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way meant to slam these shows. This post is just showing things I and many others have noticed about them. I suggest watching the show yourself before you potentially prevent anyone else from watching for the concepts explained up above. The authors are wonderful creators that did, and are doing, an amazing job with these shows to make them both engaging and relatable to the audience.


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