Kid Shows with Adult Concepts 

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I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile but I just couldn’t get the words out. My mind went Bllaauuughhh whenever I thought of a sentence~~ 😛 Anyways, if you haven’t watched any cartoons recently then you might not know that the current cartoon culture is incorporating adult concepts for the viewing pleasure of children, and adults watching with their children, and this is possibly just a small portion of the audience. The biggest audience has to be from teens and young adults, like myself! 😀

I see you animation fans ❤

Adventure Time:

If you haven’t seen Adventure Time you should. It is comical but with serious undertones that only adults watching will catch if they are paying attention. Themes and concepts that run through this show deals with a post apocalyptic land and it’s history, gender fluidity, Alzheimer’s, stocking and harassment, feminism, empathy, middle-aged adult issues, being orphaned and abandoned by a parent, dating and relationships, journey of self discovery, and much more.

Gravity falls:

This show is comical as it is serious. The main characters Mabel and Dipper enter the town of Gravity Falls for the summer and discover many mysteries of the town dealing with magic, science, myth, and lore. This show deals with core relationships of many types, from majority familial to romantic, and friendship, and how everything is built on trust and understanding when building such relationships! This theme makes up the core of the show in my opinion as Dipper and Mabel are fraternal twin siblings that have difficulty at times to get along with one another.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil:

I love this show! I blends the seriousness of some adult themes and concepts with the innocence of being a kids show. It also centers around relationships, but along with more serious themes like war, being able to see both sides as potential equals if they saw past the stereotypical prejudices between Monster and Mewnian(person from the world of Mewni).  This is also the first show that I’ve seen it physically and plainly mentioned someone was out right murdered! Not that the character “is no longer here,” or just plain phasing out any phrasing or mentioning of the words “killed, murdered, dead, passed away,” or any mentioning of actual death! This show mentioned it, this is huge for a children’s show, as the topic is sensitive and the wordage typically taboo.

Steven universe:

This show is also a favorite of mine. It is a very cute show and in the first season it stays pretty much on the light hearted side until its story development goes a bit hard core into some adult concepts. Like Star vs. The Forces of the Evil, this show has a played with the concept of death, but I don’t think they ever truly mentioned it out right until the most recent episode with Lars and Steven on Gemworld, even then I don’t think it was mentioned fully but the concept of passing and death was definitely shown! Since there is a theme of death, there is also a theme of rebirth. There is also a theme of grieving, how to handle loss and move on, or in some cases not move on. It also deals with themes of self love and compassion and how to deal with personal insecurities. There is also the concept of “fusion” where two different gems are not supposed to fuse together, ever. Only the same gem stone is allowed to fuse with its copy. It is a huge taboo to the Gem Homeworld to go against this rule. If you look at it from the perspective of an adult, and I do, it equates to interracial relationships. There is also a huge theme of war and rebellion to gain freedom from a dictarored empire. Oh did I forget to mention gender fluidity, and lesbian relationships? They have this too.


DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way meant to slam these shows. This post is just showing things I and many others have noticed about them. I suggest watching the show yourself before you potentially prevent anyone else from watching for the concepts explained up above. The authors are wonderful creators that did, and are doing, an amazing job with these shows to make them both engaging and relatable to the audience.


Artist Spotlight: Loish

Recently, I spoke briefly about Loish AKA Lois van Baarle a bit as one of the artist for Horizon Zero Dawn in my previous post. She is a big inspiration of mine as an artist. I love her art style and even purchased her first art book off her kickstater campaign when it first started. She is very sweet and upfront on social media and has given out many simple tutorials both for free and for purchase.

About Loish:
Loish is a self taught artist, like me, that had to teach herself to draw her entire life and began her push to draw digitally in 2003, she even started with a mouse (again like myself, haha) and received her first tablet a year later at 16. She was born in Holland, but has lived around the world! Pretty amazing. After high school she pursued a study in animation. She currently works as a freelance artist and animator in the Netherlands.

Why she inspires me:
When I first found Loish online, I didn’t know who she was, I saw her artwork first. Her artwork caught my as truly unique art style with interesting characters. Her art has shown her great knowledge of composition and use of vibrant colors the mix well for her imagery.

When I saw she was giving out tutorials on DeviantArt, I was floored as I was just learning the trade at the time. Those tutorials really helped improve, along with the free brushes she provided at the time. She answered a lot of other young and prospective artist’s questions and seems honest and kind about it. She even has a huge FAQ page with resources on her site. Talk about being helpful!

Loish’s Site
Loish’s FAQ Page

For more of her social media, you can find that on her FAQ page.

Game Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

Hello Loves~

I am so happy to do a review of Horizon Zero Dawn, this is long over due as I played and finished the game within 2-3 months alongside my sister right after the game came out. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, where the characters in the world live alongside robots and the people hunt them for parts to build weapons. No one really knows where the robots came from but the people of various lands all have their theories, you’ll have to play to find out, and boy is it interesting! 😉

BEWARE: There are a few spoilers below the line.

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Cheap Sticker Making DIY

When I was a kid, we didn’t have sticker paper where you get to make your own from a printer. That stuff doesn’t come cheap, and for a 6 year old girl with a creative mind, and a need for more sailor moon stickers in her life. She did what she does best, get crafty, with a little bit of mess, I was 6!

So here is my tutorial to make your own do-it-yourself stickers! You’ll have fun with the kids on this and it should cost you little to nothing if you already have the supplies in your home.

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Halloween 2015

Hello eyeryone!

I’ve been looking around the web and I found some cool props and masks I would like to share with ya’ll. 🙂

Steampunk Mask Metal Rust $83.00 USD

This mask looks so cool! It’s made completely handmade and hand painted from plastic and recycled parts. The seller is on Etsy, and is from Barcelona, Spain and accepts international shipping.

Elegant Silver Metal Laser Cut Masquerade Mask w/ Rhinestones $34.95 USD

I personally love masquerade balls, or masked events. The mystery, air of excitement and potential romance is intoxicating. This mask is laser cut from a metal alloy and can also be found on Etsy.

Halloween Color Drip Candle Set $4

An online exclusive set of 2 paraffin wax drip candles from Urban Outfitters will look spooky and unique in any household this Halloween.

High Noon Creations Bird Skull Mask $180

I love this mask so so much, though it is very much on the expensive side, it is very unique. It is hand crafted right here in Dallas by High Noon Creations and sold as an online exclusive on Urban Outfitters.

5 Vampire Drink Reusable Drink Pouches w/ 1 Syringe $6.99 USD

I found this one off AliExpress, it is pretty cool because you can use it to put any liquid you want to drink in it and haul it around 😉 Just don’t bite me for some real blood!

Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer 


Hi Loves~

I have been playing this new game since the day it came out September 25. It is a game meant to let your inner designer run wild like never before in the Animal Crossing games!

Pro: You get to decorate everything from homes in your new town to every shop, restaurant, and more in your town! With each project you open up more products in your design inventory to work with. You can also use play coins to learn new design techniques in game to get a bit more fun and added inventory.

You get to design rooms with sound, ceiling dressings, and the exteriors with gardens and more! You also have full control of how your character looks in the game with the salon chair from skin and face, to everything hair.

Con: You need amiibo cards for extra game play and a reader to go with it. If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend money more than you have to on a game, considering they are already expensive as is. Although a commercial is out saying it’s okay to share the cards, a card reader is still needed to read them.

You are also no longer an ordinary member of the town, so you don’t get a house to decorate for your character to live in. You can’t just go visit your created town either, because it is no physical place! When you design homes, you can put them anywhere, even a new home on the map the same place an older home you designed was. Though this is an awesome part of the game, I wish I had a physical town to visit like in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and not just one person’s home at a time. Also, as a designer in this game you have to wear a uniform, so you can’t change out of that red blazer anytime soon. You can change anything else about your character however.

All you get to do is decorate in this endless designed mini game like format, where you only get to decorate one house per day/game save.

Score: 3.8 out of 5 because while I have freedom like never before in designing, I miss somethings from the original gameplay format.

Game Recommendation: Child of Light

Hello everyone!~

I just finished playing the game with my sister the other day and it is one of the most beautifully crafted games I have played yet! 😀


Child of Light is a platforming role-playing video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game puts players in the shoes of Aurora, a child stolen from her home, who, in her quest to return, must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen of the Night.

It was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in April 2014, and was released on PlayStation Vita in July 2014.

Some SPOILERS below

Manga Recommendation: Akatsuki no Yona

Hello Loves!~

Recently, I stumbled upon a really great anime called Akatsuki no Yona. I loved it so much, I was distraught that there is no season two, so I went straight for the manga. Ha, I was so into it I finished reading all the way to the translated RAWs, which is up to ch.111, and a bit of their spin off novel. 😀

Akatsuki No Yona Manga


From Titania Scanlations: Yona is the sole princess of the kingdom, living the luxurious and carefree life as a princess should. She has it all: the finest clothes and cosmetics, the most divine sweets, a loving emperor as a father, and the hottest cousin crush, Soo-won, anyone could ever hope to have. Now, if only her bodyguard, Son Hak, wasn’t so annoying to her and her hair wasn’t so red. But her nearly perfect world quickly shatters as the man she loves, Soo-won, murders her father and the path to his ascension to the throne is assured. Son Hak escapes with Yona, and they lead a life on the run from that point on.

With the chapter release of 100 & 101 recently, some fan girls across the Internet are wondering if this should be really labeled as a shoujo manga.


6 Kawaii Toy and Plushy Lines to Enjoy

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I love everything kawaii, and you can never grow out of it once you’re hooked. Just as you are never too old for toys, or celebrating Halloween for that matter, ha! 😛

Tsum Tsum by Disney
If you stay out of the loop of everything Disney, then you haven’t heard of the Tsum Tsum plush toy line. They are a huge hit in Japan and now the US, with even their own video game in the APP store (very addictive and better than Candy Crush I might add). If you watch Disney channel, you can even watch little short story adventures of these plushies during commercials from time to time. So cute! Continue reading

Happy International Sailor Moon Day!

If you have read my “About” page, you already know I love anime and manga, Sailor Moon ever at the top of my list on favorites, and today is International Sailor Moon Day! 🙂 Whether you watch the original anime, or just finished Sailor Moon Crystal, or are just plain devoted to the manga, you will be interested in the goodies I found around the web. Also, did you hear? Soon us Moonies will have our first Smartphone Game App! 😀

First, have fun watching this little commercial inspired by our beloved magical girl transformations:

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