Shopping Haul

Hey ya’ll~
I recently did a little shopping! Here is a couple of pictures of the stuff I got 😘 it’s finally getting chilly where I am, so I got 2 light sweaters
  All from Old Navy thanks to their awesome sale for cardholders 😉
The gloves and headphones are from Target with the knee high socks from Burlington.

Continued: Inktober

I’m going to do all the days this month! Ha 😘 

Day 3:  

Day 4:  

INKtober, Goretober, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Hi everyone!
I’m participating in a drawing challenge called INKtober, where artists around the globe put down their digital tools and practice their skills at using and creating ink style art using traditional methods. The best part: the challenge is loose and can be done every day or once a week, as long as you are getting out of your artistic comfort zone and practicing you’re good. 😀

While this month is INKtober, many artists are doing other challenges as well like Goretober, featuring gore, and others featuring art for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I plan on dipping my feet in both of these two things when I can to show my support and explore gore out of my comfort zone, ha.

Day 1 process pictures:   

Day 2 for INKtober, Goretober, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

Journal: Losing a Friend to Cancer

Remembering an old friend who passed away exactly 1 year ago tomorrow from undifferentiated carcinoma cancer, which means the source was unable to found and his was wide spread.

The moment before I found out he died I had a dream that I was visiting him at an airport surrounded by people wishing him farewell. Everyone was oddly wearing black (not sure about myself there) in the bright surroundings of the airport. He saw me and scooped me up giving me a hug while swinging me around. “You made it!,’ he exclaimed. He was about to turn away and leave and I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed his sleeve speechless and held onto him in a tight hug. 

He ruffled my hair and said it’ll be okay. (Not sure but I think he pinky swore on that) That it was time to let him go….

When I woke up, it was posted on my friends Facebook that he passed away. He was the second and almost the third person to pass away that I deeply cared about that year with in 3 months, though I’m okay now, losing him hit me hard and I still cry about it. I never got to see him in the 5 years after graduating high school, because I was always busy with something, and he was off traveling the world. It’s truly my one greatest regret that when the rare moments came that he was back in town I never went to see him.


Journal: I am an Artist part 2

Some how things can evolve and can be unrecognizable from how it was from the start. I am talking about my art, and this is one of those weird times…

Remember this from yesterday? 
Well it originally looked like this 

  But then it decided to evolve

Until it became almost completely unrecognizable 
This one had a mind of it’s own, but I like how it turned out 😊

Journal: I’m an Artist

Hi everyone~

If you haven’t read my bio then you probably don’t know that I am an artist. I am mostly self taught, with only a few classes from high school art and college basic art under my belt. 

Due to lack of self confidence, anger, and self doubt about my career choices truthfully, I stopped drawing for a long time after going through a rough senior year at my last college! However, thanks to a good summer vacation, now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, as well as start over with my career choices.

I’m not ready to give up my title as an artist, I never will probably. Though for now, a new chapter in my life has already started, and I’m testing the water currently, the uncertainty in my heart is a burden that needed release.

I began to draw, slowly, begrudgingly, conflicted. A lot of crap art came from it.

However, if I just let myself breathe….

Something beautiful can start to come to life.

(Work in progress)


Journal: #ootd

Hello Lovelies~

I thought I’d share with ya’ll my personal style with some #ootd pics I took  for this week!

First Day of Back to College   
  Anime Fest 😎 I wanted to look normal!  

Anime Fest 2015

I was able to go to Anime Fest and I had a blast! I got to go to two of my very first Japanese panels. The first with Arina Tanemura for a live drawing and Q&A. The second panel with three Ghibli animators for another Q&A session! My sis and I even got autographs ☺️, Arina-sensei giggled at me when my sis told her translator that I am a die hard fan of hers (insert my tsundere mode) and I couldn’t stop blushing while denying it.

Here is my haul:   IMG_8814            IMG_8824

Journal: Haul

Hi everyone~

After a full week of being miserable from a cold, I am finally off antibiotics and feeling much better aside from some minor sniffles and coughing. As proof of feeling better I made a few parfaits for my family, though everyone ate them before I could take some pretty pictures, ha! 🙂

This week was filled with shopping, as it was tax free weekend here in Texas. So throughout the week, before the weekend, we see sales everywhere here! I also got a few online shopping shipments in this past week. 😀 I even got my Vitamin C Serum, which I will write a review on later, compared to another serum I have, by next week. Without further ado, here is my haul from shopping since  July 31st, to receiving packages today. FYI the beauty box is my sister’s but we share 🙂 With all this, do you think I’m ready for college in a few weeks? 😉 Continue reading

Journal: Feeling a bit better 

Hi everyone~

Earlier this week I mentioned I was sick with a cold, I went to see my doctor yesterday and I’m feeling a bit better! So much so that I went shopping with my mother for a few things today and yesterday. 🙂 Continue reading