Inktober 2017

Inktober is here! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a month where artists across the globe challenge themselves in the art of using ink for there works. Anyone is able to participate in this challenge, be it if you’re a beginner or a pro, the most important thing is to just have fun and try to improve a type of skill.

Here are mine so far.

Journal: My Comic 

Hello everyone~

I mentioned awhile back that I put my comic story on hold while I am still doing a job search and potentially going back to school in the future.  😉 I’m thinking of going into nursing school, I just have to save up for it. If I never find the time to continue I would at least like to show off some snippets of what I had.

This collection is a jumble of concept art, actual cover art, and a rough of a comic page. I currently only have  maybe 13 individual pages done and have been going at a page a week. So far I’m behind 6 pages, that’s 6 weeks! I hope to continue soon but I’ve been super stressed from work… I’m too tired to think or draw and focus on my art when I get home or catch a break.

Artist Spotlight: Loish

Recently, I spoke briefly about Loish AKA Lois van Baarle a bit as one of the artist for Horizon Zero Dawn in my previous post. She is a big inspiration of mine as an artist. I love her art style and even purchased her first art book off her kickstater campaign when it first started. She is very sweet and upfront on social media and has given out many simple tutorials both for free and for purchase.

About Loish:
Loish is a self taught artist, like me, that had to teach herself to draw her entire life and began her push to draw digitally in 2003, she even started with a mouse (again like myself, haha) and received her first tablet a year later at 16. She was born in Holland, but has lived around the world! Pretty amazing. After high school she pursued a study in animation. She currently works as a freelance artist and animator in the Netherlands.

Why she inspires me:
When I first found Loish online, I didn’t know who she was, I saw her artwork first. Her artwork caught my as truly unique art style with interesting characters. Her art has shown her great knowledge of composition and use of vibrant colors the mix well for her imagery.

When I saw she was giving out tutorials on DeviantArt, I was floored as I was just learning the trade at the time. Those tutorials really helped improve, along with the free brushes she provided at the time. She answered a lot of other young and prospective artist’s questions and seems honest and kind about it. She even has a huge FAQ page with resources on her site. Talk about being helpful!

Loish’s Site
Loish’s FAQ Page

For more of her social media, you can find that on her FAQ page.

Cheap Sticker Making DIY

When I was a kid, we didn’t have sticker paper where you get to make your own from a printer. That stuff doesn’t come cheap, and for a 6 year old girl with a creative mind, and a need for more sailor moon stickers in her life. She did what she does best, get crafty, with a little bit of mess, I was 6!

So here is my tutorial to make your own do-it-yourself stickers! You’ll have fun with the kids on this and it should cost you little to nothing if you already have the supplies in your home.

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Etsy shop

Hello everyone!

My Etsy shop is now open for business. You can find my shop by simply clicking here.

My Pin Making Adventure/Disaster.

If you are an artist trying to sell your art, you have probably tried to make some DIY shrinky dink pins! If you haven’t yet, please learn from my mistakes and do a trial batch you are willing to scrap later.

I have seen so many artists online making their own pins but rarely do I see a tutorial showing the road bumps or disasters I’ve gone through to make them. I’ve been trying (and failing) to make my own handmade pins for awhile now. The issue was that my ink would always bleed on my pins after applying a coating to waterproof the pin.

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Inktober Update 

Hello loves!

Here are days 10-12 with some sketches too   


Updated Inktober 

Day 7

Sketch I did on the same day:

Day 8 for Goretober and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Day 9 with a doodle of Cat Noir from  Miraculous Ladybug

INKtober, Goretober, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Hi everyone!
I’m participating in a drawing challenge called INKtober, where artists around the globe put down their digital tools and practice their skills at using and creating ink style art using traditional methods. The best part: the challenge is loose and can be done every day or once a week, as long as you are getting out of your artistic comfort zone and practicing you’re good. 😀

While this month is INKtober, many artists are doing other challenges as well like Goretober, featuring gore, and others featuring art for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I plan on dipping my feet in both of these two things when I can to show my support and explore gore out of my comfort zone, ha.

Day 1 process pictures:   

Day 2 for INKtober, Goretober, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

Journal: Losing a Friend to Cancer

Remembering an old friend who passed away exactly 1 year ago tomorrow from undifferentiated carcinoma cancer, which means the source was unable to found and his was wide spread.

The moment before I found out he died I had a dream that I was visiting him at an airport surrounded by people wishing him farewell. Everyone was oddly wearing black (not sure about myself there) in the bright surroundings of the airport. He saw me and scooped me up giving me a hug while swinging me around. “You made it!,’ he exclaimed. He was about to turn away and leave and I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed his sleeve speechless and held onto him in a tight hug. 

He ruffled my hair and said it’ll be okay. (Not sure but I think he pinky swore on that) That it was time to let him go….

When I woke up, it was posted on my friends Facebook that he passed away. He was the second and almost the third person to pass away that I deeply cared about that year with in 3 months, though I’m okay now, losing him hit me hard and I still cry about it. I never got to see him in the 5 years after graduating high school, because I was always busy with something, and he was off traveling the world. It’s truly my one greatest regret that when the rare moments came that he was back in town I never went to see him.