Journal: Shopping Haul

Hey y’all!

I went shopping this weekend with my mom and got some great items! Old Navy had 30% off a few things and I stopped by Nordstrom Rack for the jewelry. 😍 I’m in love with the ring 💍 I was able to find a few matching Nadri pieces to finally create a set. For her designs you really have to hunt them down  and look carefully in store if you want a set! 😉

Journal: Haul

Hi everyone~

After a full week of being miserable from a cold, I am finally off antibiotics and feeling much better aside from some minor sniffles and coughing. As proof of feeling better I made a few parfaits for my family, though everyone ate them before I could take some pretty pictures, ha! 🙂

This week was filled with shopping, as it was tax free weekend here in Texas. So throughout the week, before the weekend, we see sales everywhere here! I also got a few online shopping shipments in this past week. 😀 I even got my Vitamin C Serum, which I will write a review on later, compared to another serum I have, by next week. Without further ado, here is my haul from shopping since  July 31st, to receiving packages today. FYI the beauty box is my sister’s but we share 🙂 With all this, do you think I’m ready for college in a few weeks? 😉 Continue reading

Hyaluronic Acid

This past Friday when my best friend and I went shopping, we were browsing inside Sephora. My friend decided to grab a face mask without looking at the ingredients, for a hydration. I immediately told her to look at the ingredients and find if it had hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. Reason? Because it is a BEAST moisturizer and is considered by many as the “fountain of youth.” Sure enough, the product she picked up had it listed. 😉

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A member of the ginger family, turmeric has long been used as a spice in Asian countries. Even in my home, where we call it “haldi”, it is in majority of the desi dishes my mother makes. It is a major beauty ingredient culturally as well, used for brides and grooms during preparations to beautify themselves, during the “yellow mehndi” as my mother tries to translate it into English, ha. 🙂 During this celebration, everyone wears yellow as to not ruin their clothing when wearing turmeric masks, as it is a heavy yellow dye.

Here is a list of topical benefits when using it in facial masks: Continue reading