Journal: My Comic 

Hello everyone~

I mentioned awhile back that I put my comic story on hold while I am still doing a job search and potentially going back to school in the future.  😉 I’m thinking of going into nursing school, I just have to save up for it. If I never find the time to continue I would at least like to show off some snippets of what I had.

This collection is a jumble of concept art, actual cover art, and a rough of a comic page. I currently only have  maybe 13 individual pages done and have been going at a page a week. So far I’m behind 6 pages, that’s 6 weeks! I hope to continue soon but I’ve been super stressed from work… I’m too tired to think or draw and focus on my art when I get home or catch a break.

Inktober Update 

Hey everyone~

I stopped working on the challenge half way through the month because I started getting burned out. Though I did a lot more than last year, I am sure I won’t go the whole month this time around. 

Day 13This isn’t part of the inktober challenge, but I was asked to finish an art gift for my cousin.  Here are some pictures

Journal: I’m an Artist

Hi everyone~

If you haven’t read my bio then you probably don’t know that I am an artist. I am mostly self taught, with only a few classes from high school art and college basic art under my belt. 

Due to lack of self confidence, anger, and self doubt about my career choices truthfully, I stopped drawing for a long time after going through a rough senior year at my last college! However, thanks to a good summer vacation, now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, as well as start over with my career choices.

I’m not ready to give up my title as an artist, I never will probably. Though for now, a new chapter in my life has already started, and I’m testing the water currently, the uncertainty in my heart is a burden that needed release.

I began to draw, slowly, begrudgingly, conflicted. A lot of crap art came from it.

However, if I just let myself breathe….

Something beautiful can start to come to life.

(Work in progress)