Fashion and Style: Outfit Planning

Hello everyone~

My boss is always mentioning that I should raid her closet and help her coordinate an outfit for work. With several years of fashion retail experience under my belt, I know my way around personal styling a tad. Although my coworker and I have our eyes gleaming at the thought of dressing up our boss together at her house, we know she is just kidding, although that won’t stop me from giving you these tips! 😀

Tip 1:

Always think about what accessories or individual pieces would go with what you already own in your closet. It will keep you mindful of what may or may not go together. For example, owning a skirt you may never wear as no tops you own look good, or go with it, that will lead to the skirt eventually being donated. Don’t waste your money and be mindful! Also, don’t waste money purchasing an entire outfit around 1 item, unless it already has some value to fit with the rest of your wardrobe.

Tip 2:

Run  you ides by a loved one! It’s always best to run anything you want to purchase with a second opinion. Hopefully someone close to you, as they will know your preferences, your style, and whether you already own something, just like the item you interested in, to prevent you from buying it, I’m looking at you sis!😈 You can also ask for stylistic help from the sales personnel,  I know from the company I worked at we had to keep up to date on trends and fashion styles to assist our clients. Depending on which company or brand you go to, the workers should be able to assist you stylistically. 😀

Tip 3:

Outfit planning is a technique I learned at work. What we did is create and coordinate outfits on our mannequins and displays on the sales floor and fitting rooms. It helped inspire customers to purchase items and coordinate similarly to the display or purchase the entire display off the mannequins. What I’m trying to say is, pre-plan your outfits. Try out you outfit idea on a hanger; top with a sweater together on a hanger, with a scarf wrapped around too, maybe hang a necklace above the top on the hanger. If you can see your outfit in front of you, you’ll be able to see what works together to coordinate or mix and match an outfit. I usually pre-plan outfits for an entire week after finishing the laundry. It helps since I’m usually short on time in the mornings before work. If all my outfits are ready, it gives me piece of mind as all i need to do next is make up and jewelry and I’m out the door like lightning.

Good luck and don’t forget to strike a magnificent pose and slay!😘

Cheap Sticker Making DIY

When I was a kid, we didn’t have sticker paper where you get to make your own from a printer. That stuff doesn’t come cheap, and for a 6 year old girl with a creative mind, and a need for more sailor moon stickers in her life. She did what she does best, get crafty, with a little bit of mess, I was 6!

So here is my tutorial to make your own do-it-yourself stickers! You’ll have fun with the kids on this and it should cost you little to nothing if you already have the supplies in your home.

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Halloween 2015

Hello eyeryone!

I’ve been looking around the web and I found some cool props and masks I would like to share with ya’ll. 🙂

Steampunk Mask Metal Rust $83.00 USD

This mask looks so cool! It’s made completely handmade and hand painted from plastic and recycled parts. The seller is on Etsy, and is from Barcelona, Spain and accepts international shipping.

Elegant Silver Metal Laser Cut Masquerade Mask w/ Rhinestones $34.95 USD

I personally love masquerade balls, or masked events. The mystery, air of excitement and potential romance is intoxicating. This mask is laser cut from a metal alloy and can also be found on Etsy.

Halloween Color Drip Candle Set $4

An online exclusive set of 2 paraffin wax drip candles from Urban Outfitters will look spooky and unique in any household this Halloween.

High Noon Creations Bird Skull Mask $180

I love this mask so so much, though it is very much on the expensive side, it is very unique. It is hand crafted right here in Dallas by High Noon Creations and sold as an online exclusive on Urban Outfitters.

5 Vampire Drink Reusable Drink Pouches w/ 1 Syringe $6.99 USD

I found this one off AliExpress, it is pretty cool because you can use it to put any liquid you want to drink in it and haul it around 😉 Just don’t bite me for some real blood!