Inktober 2017

Inktober is here! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a month where artists across the globe challenge themselves in the art of using ink for there works. Anyone is able to participate in this challenge, be it if you’re a beginner or a pro, the most important thing is to just have fun and try to improve a type of skill.

Here are mine so far.

Etsy shop

Hello everyone!

My Etsy shop is now open for business. You can find my shop by simply clicking here.

6 Kawaii Toy and Plushy Lines to Enjoy

Hi Lovelies~
I love everything kawaii, and you can never grow out of it once you’re hooked. Just as you are never too old for toys, or celebrating Halloween for that matter, ha! 😛

Tsum Tsum by Disney
If you stay out of the loop of everything Disney, then you haven’t heard of the Tsum Tsum plush toy line. They are a huge hit in Japan and now the US, with even their own video game in the APP store (very addictive and better than Candy Crush I might add). If you watch Disney channel, you can even watch little short story adventures of these plushies during commercials from time to time. So cute! Continue reading