How to Ace that Interview

Hello all!

I know I have left this site with a long hiatus, but I’m back with an important post! 🙂

Recently, I have done a few interviews as I adjust my life and try to follow a new career path to financially support myself. I have done many interviews so far, from phone interviews to meeting in person. Some interviews were quite extensive, and I didn’t get the job on those but I learned a lot! So in hopes that you will ace your own interview, here is advice I pulled from friends, family, and my own experiences:

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Importance of Networking in School

Hello Loves! 😀

Today is the first day of school for almost everyone here in the states ( I’m the exception, mine starts NEXT Monday, Ha! 😉 ). So here comes a little advice I learned during my years as an Undergraduate, and something every one of my professors tried to knock into the heads of their students: Network with your friends and outside your social circle as much as possible!

A College or University is a breeding ground for potential.

Once, a very treasured professor of mine said this to my class:

“Everyone, your fellow students, and professors are there to help in the advancement of your future and of their own. An asset to one other that many forget, and fail to recognize unless someone points it out to them. To put it simply, to help you get a job at any point and time, you must network with your friends, even acquaintances! They will be your way in to any potential place.Use that to your advantage.”

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