Sites for school

Hello everyone~
Since school has started for many of you, I would like to give you a list of sites that you are sure to find useful.

Prezi – A website that offers innovative presentation software on their site and in the form of an APP.  Unlike slides, Prezi offers a zoomable canvas, adding depth to your context. I used this once during my Project Management class, I had to learn a few tips from a friend, but I find it is extremely easy to use, and the entire group can work on it together through an invite list.

Hemingway App – A website APP that makes your writing more concise and easier to read. Sentences are highlighted in yellow, for moderately hard to read, and red, for very hard to read, when they need correction. On the side, it also shows the reading level.

Grammarly – A site that checks your grammar, spelling, and compares your writing for plagiarism. You can also use the grammarly plug-in in Chrome.

Easybib – A site that generates citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats for your bibliography. This site helped me survive many of my professors that required it from high school to college.

Google Scholar – Essentially, this is Google’s library of literature. You can search for anything from articles, books, abstracts, and more.

Trello – A website and APP that helps with managing your projects in a visual manner. It came highly recommended from my Project Management TA who was teaching and advising my group at the time.

Rate My Professors – A site to look at before you sign up for classes! It shows reviews and ratings provided by students, on how well they liked the teaching and grading methods of their professors.

Importance of Networking in School

Hello Loves! 😀

Today is the first day of school for almost everyone here in the states ( I’m the exception, mine starts NEXT Monday, Ha! 😉 ). So here comes a little advice I learned during my years as an Undergraduate, and something every one of my professors tried to knock into the heads of their students: Network with your friends and outside your social circle as much as possible!

A College or University is a breeding ground for potential.

Once, a very treasured professor of mine said this to my class:

“Everyone, your fellow students, and professors are there to help in the advancement of your future and of their own. An asset to one other that many forget, and fail to recognize unless someone points it out to them. To put it simply, to help you get a job at any point and time, you must network with your friends, even acquaintances! They will be your way in to any potential place.Use that to your advantage.”

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